Paris is turning me into a croissant…

We’ve been enjoying ourselves a lot over the past two months, and it shows. The food is so awesome here that I decided to let myself go for the first time in years. We’ve been eating different cheeses, baguettes, tartines, croissants and pain au whatevers on a daily basis. If you combine this with no gym and no running, you have a recipe for a chubby disaster. I’m turning into a fluffy, buttery, sweet, juicy croissant. I gained about 5kg in 8 weeks.

As I said: "We
As I said: “We’ve been enjoying ourselves…”

Back on track

Luckily I haven’t completely lost my appetite for sports and I still feel good. The first thing I did was enlisting in the 2015 Paris marathon. This will be my biggest challenge ever but I think it’s worth it (if you’re able) to at least try to run one marathon in your life. I’ll be running about two to three times per week for the coming months. My colleague ran this years’ marathon and will hopefully train with me for the coming one.

I found a great 10km route. It crosses two parks and has many hills.

Gyms are not as embedded in Paris culture as they are in Amsterdam. Most gyms are super expensive and only provide things like steps classes. They mainly advertise with the fact that they have a spa. This is not what I’m looking for, especially not for €150 a month.

After a couple of weeks of searching I stumbled upon a (very crappy) website of a gym near our house. They don’t offer any group lessons and have a huge-ass windowless room full of iron. On top of that they are open for 18 hours a day, even on bank holiday’s. This is my kind of place! It’s a total steal at €30 a month.

The first time I walked in I was in awe of all the huge guys training there. It’s quite impressive to see people dead-lifting 300kg like it’s nothing. I was sad to see so many steroid guts though. I’m currently avoiding eye-contact with these monsters and follow my own (natural) training plan.

The gym is proper old-school (as in Pumping Iron, 1977) and has great equipment. I’ll be very happy here.


Before going to Paris I tried the vegan diet. I didn’t loose any muscle and I felt great. In fact I ran my first ever half marathon on it. It’s time to get back on the plant-based diet.

Knowing I’m in Paris, the city of great food, I’m allowing myself the weekend to go out and enjoy moderate amounts of meat and dairy. If there is one thing I’ve learned over the years of weight-loss and training it’s that you need a healthy balance between diet, training and enjoying life with friends.

I’ve gone strict all the way and only gained a little more muscle and lost a little more fat. Enjoying life a little over the weekend doesn’t change my body that much and I’m a lot happier.

I started meal-prepping again as of last week. If I just keep up eating healthy and going to the gym a couple of times per week I’ll be at my healthiest in no-time! Time for a run…

Chris says:

Hi Tim,

What gym did you end up going to? My wife wants to join Club Med but I don’t fancy those prices. All I need is a treadmill and some decent machines and freeweights. I’ll keep searching!

Tim says:

Hi Chris,

I ended up at Cercles de la forme. It’s around 30 euro’s a month and once subscribed you can go to all of their locations! they are all over Paris. Club med is really too expensive.

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